D. K. Hudson Design
DK Hudson Design - Websites, printing and more. DK Hudson Design - Websites, printing and more.

Website design has millions of specialties. These are ours:

Custom Websites

  • Fully compliant XHTML and CSS.
  • Really nice original graphics.
  • Ecommerce including PayPal

Website Maintenance

There are lots of reasons to make changes to your site.

  • If your address or phone number change you need to get that on the web.
  • Did you just buy a new tool that your competition does not have? Tell the world.
  • Do you want to distribute your monthly newsletter?

Our process

We make a report of what the industry standards are for your kind of business before we even sit down with you


Next, we sit down with you and talk until we figure out what you want. When we do this we make sketches of the pages.


Then we create your site. Sometimes this means we have to go to your place and take pictures. We usually ask more questions when we are doing this. We also like to set up a test site that we use for you to see what we are doing.


When you agree that what we made is what you want we put it up on the web. We also talk about other things you can do so more people see it.


We keep working for you after that. Your business changes and your website should change with it.